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Canadian-born Songwriter/Artist Sara Dell is a creative and musical powerhouse who was grown in the harsh and toughening northern climate of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Fascinated by the sound of her grandmother's piano at the age of three, she began studying and playing classical piano and soon discovered the enchanting world of popular music.  She was writing and recording songs at the age of 6, and entered a CBC (National Radio) songwriting contest with one of her songs at age 11 placing second with her home recorded composition.  In her teenage years, Sara became obsessed with the art of singing and began to teach herself to sing and play every pop, rock and R&B song she could get her fingers around.  She refused to sing in front of anyone until one fateful day when a passing neighbour heard her and came to the door with delighted applause for the embarrassed 13 year old.  Thus began her public music career.

Being a hopeful and fearless young girl, she packed a rental van with her clothes and piano and headed to Toronto, Canada alone at age 19.  Since then she has performed and lived in a myriad of cities and countries, her favourite having been Nashville, Tennessee where she fell in love with its southern charm and guitar-pickin' Country music.  However, a debilitating vocal injury causing the loss of her voice and a terrifying cancer diagnosis suddenly brought her back to Canada where she miraculously recovered from both and emerged with a new lease on life.    


She has written and independently produced many singles and five albums of super-catchy, masterfully crafted music over the course of her career. Though her music has stylistically evolved to bounce between rock, pop and country, her proclivity for profound and transparent lyrics woven into brilliant and unforgettable melodies have paved the continuum between her artistic works.

Her latest release, WAKE UP, is a timely and powerful global anthem that carries a bold and inspiring message about the fragility of true democracy and the ultimately unstoppable capacity of the united human spirit to protect and defend its God-given liberty.  She currently resides in Canada where she continues to write and produce new music and content. 

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